CraniUS’ Disruptive Innovation

CraniUS’ Disruptive Innovation

The world’s first smart, refillable, and fully implantable medical device for direct medicine delivery to the brain.

CraniUS’ Disruptive Innovation

CraniUS is developing the first medical device that enables chronic medicine delivery directly to the brain, powered by a novel wireless charging system.

Direct Custom Drug Delivery

from the skull space along the temporal region.

Smart Implant

With Continuous Patient Monitoring

Power System

with Wireless Charging

Defining the future of diagnostics and treatments

for patients with brain disease.

About CraniUS and the NeuroPASS

Developed through the vision, insight, and pioneering work of Dr. Chad Gordon.

Our Solution

CraniUS’ Disruptive Innovation

The first fully implantable, wireless medical device that enables chronic and direct delivery of medicine to the brain.

  • Direct Custom Drug Delivery from the Skull Space Along the Temporal Region

  • Smart implant With Continuous Patient Monitoring
  • Power System with Wireless Charging
  • Easily Refillable

Meet our team

Forward-thinkers driving patient and user-focused innovation

By bringing diverse skills together, we advance the output and quality of CraniUS.

Celebrate Our Successes

The future of improved patient and user-focused outcomes

“When evaluating the MRI images from the devices tested by the company, the CraniUS NeuroPass device is on the way to achieving its goal of convection and that gadolinium was spreading within the white matter of the brain.”

Martin Pomper, M.D., Ph. D., Professor of Radiology at Johns Hopkins University

“What CraniUS has built, and now tested successfully, in their large animal study is without question a quantum leap forward for our field. It has the immense potential to be a major disruptor in terms of how we, as neurosurgeons, approach and treat brain disease moving forward.”

Henry Brem, MD

“I could not be any prouder of our talented team and the findings of this recent breakthrough study. Being able to show that our patented device is both safe and effective in achieving convection in large animals with similar brains to humans represents a tremendous culmination of hard work and determination by our team.”

Mike Maglin, CEO of CraniUS