Published On: June 26, 2024

BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CraniUS, an R&D company focused on groundbreaking diagnostics and treatments for patients with chronic brain disease, has been awarded a competitive $1 million grant from the State of Maryland as part of Governor Wes Moore’s Build Our Future Innovation Infrastructure Pilot Program. This funding milestone – the first ever granted by the state program – will help CraniUS expand its research capabilities, accelerate product development into human studies, and enhance its contributions to Maryland’s innovation ecosystem.

Governor Moore officially launched the Build Our Future program, a $9 million initiative designed to support transformative projects across Maryland’s strategic industry sectors, in 2023 and announced the recipients of this first pilot funding round earlier this week. The program provides matching grants of up to $2 million to projects that demonstrate a substantial impact on growth and innovation within the state.

About CraniUS

About CraniUS™

CraniUS™ was founded May 2021 in Baltimore, MD, as a byproduct of the emerging field known as “Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, through the vision, insight, and pioneering work of Dr. Chad Gordon. CraniUS™ has raised over $24M to date, been issued 7 patents, and is currently in the midst of a Series B raise.

The NeuroPASS™ device is currently in the pre-clinical development stage and is not yet commercially available. It is on the pathway to clinical studies, and any information provided is subject to change as research progresses.